Winter Plumbing Tips

Frozen PipesWinter is near in the Dallas area and although it has been warm lately, it will eventually get cold in the North Texas area and we’ll be worrying about pipes freezing. Taking a few simple actions during a freeze can prevent major plumbing issues. In the Dallas area, it typically takes several days of below freezing temperatures for pipes and other plumbing to become frozen. However, it isn’t worth taking the risk. A frozen pipe in your wall or floor can cause thousands of dollars in damage and of course make a huge mess. So these winter plumbing tips should help you be prepared for the cold.

  1. Insulate Your Pipes

    Duct tape, some foam and a towel or rag will do the trick. Take a piece of foam that you can find at most hardware stores, cut a slit in it and put it around the pipe. Wrap a light towel or rag around the foam and secure the insulation with duct tape. This works for older homes that may have a faucet in the front or back that is above ground. It will also work for interior pipes that are on an external wall, maybe in a bathroom or kitchen.

  2. Unhook Your Hose

    If you have a hose hooked up to an exterior faucet, make sure you unscrew it and detach it during freezing weather. If you leave the hose connected, water could still be in the hose. Once the hose freezes and the water expands, it can continue to expand and freeze up the hose and down the faucet. Then you have a busted pipe in your wall on new homes or in the ground on older homes.

  3. Drain Your Water Heater

    Your water heater should be drained regularly to avoid water heater repairs or replacing a water heater prematurely. In the Dallas area most water will cause build up in the water heater which will cause it to rust. This sediment causes the rust, which causes holes in your water heater, which then causes a leak and water to escape. For homes with water heater in the attic, this is a major issue. Fortunately, most newer homes have the water heater in the garage or on the first floor.

  4. Make Any Needed Plumbing Repairs

    One of the most important winter plumbing tips is to fix what is broken now. If you have a plumbing leak, the time to fix it is now, before we reach colder temperatures. Our leak detection team are experts and locating and repair plumbing leaks. If you have noticed standing water in your yard or even a wet floor, you may have a plumbing leak. It is imperative that you repair that before freezing weather arrives.

We hope these winter plumbing tips will help you prepare for winter in the Dallas area. For all your plumbing needs, contact us to schedule an appointment at 972-681-4434.

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