Watering Tips – Plano, Rockwall, Garland

How To Efficiently Water

  1. Apply only enough water to moisten the root zone of your plants, this is about 6-8 inches deep. Make sure the soil is dry before watering again. This means: In clay soils, water no more than one inch per week. This is enough to moisten your plants’ roots. In thin Hill Country soils, apply a maximum of ½ inch of water twice a week.
  2. Water when the sun is down. When there is no sun and less wind, water has a better opportunity to reach the roots of your plants.
  3. Use low-angle sprinklers that produce droplets of water. Sprinkler systems that spray water high in the air or create a mist will allow water to evaporate and it will be lost.
  4. Use multiple start times or a “cycle and soak” feature. This will allow water to be gradually applied, helping eliminate run off.
  5. Aim before you shoot: Make sure your sprinklers are pointed toward your lawn and away from driveways and concreted areas.
  6. Use drip irrigation for shrub beds, gardens and trees. Drip irrigation allows water to be delivered closer to the root and avoids run off. It gives the water the best opportunity to reach the root and has a low chance of evaporation.

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