Summer Plumbing Tips

Summer Plumbing Tips Dallas
Summer and winter are some of the hardest times for your pipes. We’ve posted several summer plumbing tips in past articles. Summer causes increased water usage and of course causes an increase in your water bills. When the temperature dials up in the warmest months, a family can see an increase of 25%-50% in their water bill.

At Total Plumbing, we are always here to help you with your plumbing needs, but we are also here to save you money. For example, did you know we have no drive time charges? This isn’t common in our industry, but we think you should only be charged for the work we do. Below are some other plumbing tips to help you save during the summer months.

1. Do you have trees in your front lawn? If so, roots can grow and make their way to your sewer line. If the line is compromised, you’ll have a leak. We are experts at leak detection and leak location. Leaks cause your water bill to sky rocket.
2. If you go on vacation, turn your water heater down so that it isn’t heating the water while you’re gone. This will help lower your gas bill if you have a gas water heater. Water heaters have an average life of 8-11 years. If you don’t know the age of your water heater, you can call us with the serial number and we’ll determine the age for you. Water heater repair is a very common call we receive, so let us know if we can help.
3. Summer heat means more laundry in the Dallas area. So, check your washing machine to make sure it is running efficiently and check the water hoses. Water hoses for your washer should be replaced every three years.
4. Water your lawn in the morning. It is recommended that you water early in the morning or in the evening after the sun has gone down. If you water in the middle of the day, you’ll risk the water evaporating and therefore wasting water and money.

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