Sewer Odor in Bathroom or Kitchen

Do you have a sewer odor in the bathroom or kitchen of your home? Maybe it isn’t a strong smell, but it is consistent. Or it could be a strong smell that is only noticeable on occasion.

There are a few common reasons for a sewer odor in the bathroom. We’ll go over a few here.

1. The water trap under the floor drain has cracked due to lack of use. The floor drain can dry up, causing it to crack and allow sewer gas to come up through the cracks and be noticeable in the bathroom. If it is that simple of a cause you can put some water down the drain to restore the water trap.

2. You can check for a cleanout plug in the floor drain. There should be a plug inside the drain bowl. If it is missing sewer gas can come through and cause sewer odor.

3. Water in your toilet trap can also evaporate and cause the trap to dry and crack. This is less likely, it would take weeks of not being used for this to occur.

4. A bad wax ring between the toilet flange and base of the toilet can allow sewer gas to leak into the bathroom and cause a sewer odor. To fix this the toilet needs to be removed and the wax ring replaced.

5. It is also possible that a broken or cracked sewer line is the cause. This is a more serious problem and would require locating the break and replacing or patching the pipe.

Total Plumbing has the knowledge, skill and experience to help you with all of your plumbing needs, including sewer odors. Any of the issues listed above we can take care of quickly and easily, saving you time and giving you peace of mind that the repairs are done correctly. We are licensed and insured, serving Garland, Rockwall, Plano, Mesquite, Dallas and surrounding DFW areas.

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