Sewer Odor in Your Bathroom

Do you have a sewer odor smell in your bathroom? Having trouble locating the cause?

Total Plumbing has helped many of our clients solve the odor mystery. There are several possible causes for the sewer odor smell in bathrooms. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can quickly diagnose and resolve the odor issue.

There are a few things you can check to see if you can find the odor.

  1. Check the drain trap for the sewer odor
  2. Check that the drain properly trapped and vented
  3. Check for a bad mechanical vent or admittance valve
  4. Check your toilet seal for leaks, cracks and odor
  5. Do a smoke or peppermint test to locate the source of the odor

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  • Jim Meeks

    We have an order in our guest bathroom, which is located near the septic tank. A plumber changed the toilet seal last Spring and the smell was greatly reduced. Now that the AC is no longer running and the air is not circulating, the smell is returning. It seams to get worst after a rain.

    We had the plumber do a check of our vent system when they repaired the toilet seal.

    We are ready to get plumber we sewer oder experience out to do a vent test and trap check.

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