Plumbing Remodeling Trends

With the Dallas area exploding in population and new homeowners many of the current residents are either fixing their home up to sell or remodeling their home. We’ve noticed a few Plumbing Remodeling Trends that we can help accomplish.

Plumbing Remodeling Dallas

  1. Hide the Toilet – Depending on the age of the home, the builder and the area of Dallas that it was built in, the toilet may or may not be sectioned off from the rest of the bathroom. To help a master bath feel my stylish, consider moving the toilet to a “room-within-a-room” or putting in a half wall for some privacy. Moving a toilet can involve many plumbing needs like: moving water lines, moving sewer lines and resealing the toilet.
  2. Splurge on the Shower – High-end faucets and shower hardware have become incredibly popular. Let’s not forget that more space is always a plus in the shower. Many customers remodel the master bathroom and remove the tub (that you never use) and expand the shower area. We can move all the water lines and make sure everything is connected properly. In addition we can install some great hardware like his and her shower heads, a steam generator or body sprays.
  3. Jacuzzi Tub – While some homeowners are throwing out their tub to achieve a large shower space, other homeowners are simply upgrading the tub. A nice Jacuzzi tub is very common in parts of Dallas and can add not only comfort to your bathroom, but value.
  4. Go Modern – Many remodels in the kitchen and bathroom are much more modern. Low profile, clean hardware is often chosen. In bathrooms a real luxury feel is often desired and achieved by the choice of faucets and hardware in the bathroom.
  5. Upgrade the Kitchen Sink – Many homes in the Dallas area don’t have huge sinks, but with many young families in the area, sinks fill up quickly with dishes. Many homeowners are upgrading to a larger sink and adding a more updated style to the kitchen. Farmhouse sinks are incredibly popular and they are usually coupled with a commercial style faucet for style and functionality. Some homeowners are simply upgrading the faucet on their sink to a pull down style faucet that allows for an easier process of cleaning dishes. In some luxury style homes you’ll find homeowners upgrading to touch and motion detection faucets.

While you may not always think of a plumber when you consider your next remodeling project, we actually provide our services for many customers that are remodeling their bathroom or kitchen and work closely with remodeling contractors. For any and all of your plumbing needs, contact us today at 972-681-4434.

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