Natural Gas Line Repair

Did you know Total Plumbing can repair your natural gas line? Natural gas is a colorless, odorless gas. Mercaptan is added to it so that when there is a leak you smell it.

Total Plumbing can assist in adding a new natural gas line, repairing a natural gas line or moving a natural gas line. A popular use for natural gas is an outdoor grill. If your location already has natural gas run to the house, we can add an outside connection for use with a gas grill. We can also provide services for adding in a gas stove. Again, your house has to have natural gas run already, but we can either connect or add the lines needed to connect a gas stove in your kitchen.

Call Total Plumbing today for any of your plumbing repair needs, including natural gas lines.

Repairing Natural Gas Lines

Natural gas lines are very serious and shouldn’t be repaired by just anyone. You should hire a licensed plumber that has experience with natural gas to repair your gas line. There are many DIY gas line repair articles out on the internet, but gas is a very serious form of energy that can cause fire and even explosions. For the safety of your family and your neighbors, please use a licensed plumber for your natural gas line repair.

What to do if you Suspect a Natural Gas Leak

If you think you smell a natural gas leak you should do the following:

  • Call Atmos
  • Call a licensed Plumber
  • Do not turn on any electrical appliances
  • Do not smoke or light a flame of any sort
  • Evacuate the area

All of our plumbers have extensive experience with natural gas line repair. Contact us for all your natural gas needs at 972-681-4434

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  • Vik

    How much would you charge for adding an gas outlet in my patio for a grill? I already have gas coming into the house/attic. A rough estimate will be very helpful

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