Moving Plumbing in a Remodel

Moving Plumbing in a RemodelWhen you remodel your kitchen or bathroom, it is common to relocate your plumbing. Maybe you want a kitchen sink in a different location or you need to move your toilet to another wall. Whatever the reason for moving your plumbing, Total Plumbing is here to help.

Although we don’t do plumbing for new construction, we absolutely provide our plumbing services for remodels. Spring and summer are popular times for homeowners to remodel or make changes to their home. Before you consider a remodel, consider what it will take. For example, if you reconfigure your bathroom, but have to move a shower, a tub and a toilet, will the cost be too much? Is it even realistic to move all of those pieces?

Remodeling Tips

  • Make a Plan – This goes without saying, but before you start ripping down walls or pulling up tile, you should have a plan. If you are working with a remodeling professional, they will likely guide you in this part of the project. If you are in DIY mode, make sure you develop a plan prior to beginning your project. Take the time to do your research and even price and select your materials. Know what plumbing might need to be moved and have a plumber provide an estimated cost. Moving pluming in a remodel can increase the cost significantly, but providing better functionality or a better layout can be worth the cost.
  • Update the Toilet – depending on the age of your home, a new toilet might be in order. A new toilet could offer a more updated look and provide a higher efficiency, saving you money over time. But, if a new toilet isn’t in the remodeling budget or if your toilet isn’t very old, consider a new toilet seat and lid.
  • Get a Sink to Fit Your Needs – There are many sink options these days, and some of them look really cool, but they aren’t practical. When choosing a sink, make sure you factor in how you use the sink. Will it work for your every day? Or is just eye candy?
  • Consider Your Hot Water – A bathroom remodel might include a nice new soaker tub or maybe a multi-head shower. While these are both great options for a bathroom remodel, they may cause the need for more water. You might need to consider a larger water heater or you could opt for a tankless water heater.

Whatever remodel you might consider or be in the middle of, moving your plumbing in a remodel can be one of the largest tasks. Call us today at 972-681-4434 or a more information about your remodel! We serve the entire Dallas area and offer competitive pricing.

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