How to Keep Your Plumbing Safe

What is the best way to keep your plumbing safe in the hot Dallas area summer? Fortunately this summer, 2017, we have had more rain than normal and lower temperatures than we typically experience. However, summer is usually a time when pipes can break, foundations can move and things can go wrong with your plumbing fairly quick.

To keep your plumbing safe, watering is paramount.

  1. Get your soaker hoses out. Keeping your foundation watered will help prevent it from shifting. Any foundation repair company will tell you that watering the foundation, especially in the summer helps prevent movement in your foundation. If you foundation moves, the pipes within the foundation or around the home could be bent, broken or cracked and cause a plumbing leak.
  2. Water your lawn regularly. In North Texas cities, water restrictions are common, so water your lawn as much as possible. Pipes and plumbing are located throughout the lawn and in the parkway areas. Keeping the lawn moist will help driveways, sidewalks and even plants from shifting. These items can also cause a plumbing pipe to bend or break and cause a plumbing leak. This also goes for natural gas lines, which are much more dangerous if they were to leak.
  3.  Add mulch in your flower beds and other areas that border your foundation. Mulch is inexpensive and can be used as a sort of shield from direct sunlight. This keeps the temperature of the ground cooler and hopefully prevents movement in your soil.

These tips can help keep your plumbing safe. It does involve some effort, but the maintenance is much better than a water leak. The good news is, taking care of your lawn and watering properly helps keep your plumbing safe as well as your foundation. So, as summer schedules ramp up and vacations take shape, don’t forget to water your lawn as much as your city allows.

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