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Total Plumbing serves the entire Dallas area, providing quality plumbing repair services. Call us at: 972-681-4434. We have no drive time charges, are family owned and operated, have an A+ rating with the BBB and are members of the Good Contractors List. We provide a variety of services from fixing kitchen sinks, to toilets, bathroom remodels and leak detection. If you have a pipe break, leaky faucet, running toilet or something as large as a sewer line break, we handle it all. We are fully insured and are members of the Better Business Bureau. All repairs are guaranteed and we will repair your plumbing like it is our own anywhere in the Dallas area.

Leak Detection Dallas

As licensed plumbers we encounter many jobs that require leak detection. At Total Plumbing, we have the necessary and appropriate equipment to perform leak detection services quickly and accurately. Our plumbers are highly trained and qualified to locate the source of your leak efficiently.

We can locate and repair all types of leaks including: slab leaks, gas leaks, pipe leaks and water leaks.

Contact us today for your leak detection and repair needs.
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Water Leak Detection Dallas

water heater repair Dallas

Water Heater Repair

A very common request we receive is for water heater repair. Water heaters can be electric or gas, but in the Dallas area, gas water heaters are by far the most common. Whether you find yourself in need of a water heater repair or you are contemplating a new water heater, Total Plumbing can help guide you through the process. We offer expert repair and installation on conventional tank water heaters and tankless water heaters.

More About Water Heater Repair

Water Heater Installation

Sometimes a water heater is beyond repair and you need a water heater installation. Our expert plumbers can install your new water heater and make sure everything is tested and working. You have the option to choose between a tankless water heater installation or a conventional water heater installation. Our plumbers will provide the best option for your home and your water usage and allow YOU to make the decision on what works for your budget and usage.

Gargage Disposal Repair

One of our most common calls is for Garbage Disposal Repair. We recommend a replacement of a garbage disposal only if your current unit is beyone repair or is below the ability level needed for your home. Our licensed plumbers will recommend a new garbage disposal unit for your home and of course professionally install the unit. Call today!

Water Heater Installation

Need a Plumber?

Our qualified and trained plumbers are ready to assist you. Contact us today!


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    Dear Richard: I called customer Lori to do the Client Survey for EXPO & Elite! WOW! Lori just made my day! And most especially, your employee James made my day! Lori said: "Let me tell you about the plumber you sent out! James is GREAT! To have a gentleman the quality as James to do a job in my home was wonderful! I would recommend James to everyone!" Thank you James & Richard! I appreciate both of you!
    Judy Gilcrease
  • 5
    My plumbing was more of a problem than expected. Total Plumbing went MORE than the extra mile. I am very grateful. Cody and Sergio did an excellent job.
    Cathy Strong
  • 5
    Dear Mr. Simpson, My best Christmas present was finding your company and Joe Spoeri! My house of thirty years has had constant plumbing problems; I have probably used at least that many different plumbing companies. Joe has been to my house three times in the last three months and he is an outstanding worker; he has been so polite, knowledgeable about what he needs to do, taking the time and caring about getting the job done to my satisfaction, and making sure things are cleaned up. Joe said that he enjoys coming to work each day; that is a tremendous indicator of what kind of person he is, the kind of employee he is, and a definite compliment to your business. I am writing this letter of accommodation because I feel Joe is far superior to ANY plumber I have had in my home. I know you appreciate the image of your business that he projects. I no longer have to find another plumber!
    Linda A. Clark
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    Dear Richard, Thank you for the donation for my softball team. Thank you!
  • 5
    Dear Richard, Thank you for all your help with our plumbing repairs. I really appreciate your professional personnel and understanding attitude. I will recommend your services to all of our friends and family. Take care, and thanks again for your service.
    Michelle Angiel
  • 5
    Dear Richard, Thank you so much for your donation of time and materials to our lodge. We greatly appreciate the fixing of the toilet and running the gas pipe. Your Brotherly Love is very heart felt.
    East Trinity Masonic Lodge No. 157
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    Dear Mr. Simpson, I am writing to thank you for your company's handling of our rather challenging gas line situation. Your honesty in recommending that another company with more specialized equipment take over the project is exceeded only by your generosity in determining the billing for the work done up to that point.
    Rev. Canon Richard Carlisle Ph.D

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