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Plumbing Leaks can Lead to Foundation Problems

Plumbing leaks are a very serious issue. Sometimes slab leaks occur and other times it is a leak in a wall or ceiling pipe. Plumbing leaks can lead to greater issues, like foundation problems. Plumbing leaks often occur from the shifting or movement of a home. The foundation moves enough to cause a pipe to break or crack. But sometimes a leak happens on its own and then causes foundation problems. If a pipe is leaking and it is unknown to the homeowner, this can go on for months and years. The water then over-saturates the soil, causing the soil to move in that particular area. The soil around the spot of the pipe break won't be as moist, so it won't move as much. Since a specific area of the soil is more moist and therefore moving more, the foundation can begin to heave in that … [Read More...]

Common Plumbing Services

A list of common repairs and services is listed below. If you have any questions please give us a call at 972-681-4434.
Water, sewer & gas line repairs Water and sewer slab leak repair Sink Faucet repair and replacement Water and sewer leak detection Garbage disposal repair and replacement Water heater installation and repairs Sewer odors detection Water filtration systems Bathtub installation Toilet Seal Replacement